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Clover Compound

Make sure that valves seat properly with Clover Lapping Compound. Available in A280 or C220, please specify grit when ordering.
Part# Size Grit
CC2 Two 2 oz. Cans Duplex Cans
CC16 1 lb. A280 Or C220 grit
(specify grit)
Lapping Accessories
4226 Lapping Stick - wooden stick with 3/4" & 1-1/4" suction cups
83207 Dykem #107 Hi Spot Blue
LT100 Valve Lapping Tool. Exclusive spring pre-loaded design generates vacuum to keep the suction cup on the valve.


Boride Stone

Excellent for removing gasket material from cylinder heads without marring the gasket surface. Also deburrs surfaces after milling. No solvent tank should be without one. This is a die maker finishing stone.
Boride Stone 1" x 1" x 6" 320 grit Part# B116

Brite Rite Hand Pads

6" x 9" pads, handy in solvent tank for gasket removal, cleaning and surface preparation.
Part# Grain Color Pkg Application
HD69 Heavy Duty A/O Tan 10 Solvent tank, tough jobs
GP69 General Duty A/O Maroon 20 General cleaning
IG69 Medium Duty A/O Green 20 Scouring
UF69 Ultra Fine S/C Gray 20 Light duty, polishing
WP69 X-Light Talc White 20 Non-abrasive/polishing

Wire Wheels

General purpose end brushes used for cleaning, casting, blending, polishing dies and removing carbon deposits on pistons, cylinders and valve seats. 20,000 max RPM.
Solid End Brushes
Part # Dia. Wire Size Length
BNS4 1/2" .006 or .020 1"
BNS6 3/4" .006 or .020 1"
BNS10 1" .006 or .020 1"
Knot Type End Brushes Knotted Cup Brush
Part # Dia. Wire Size Length
BNH6 3/4" .014 1"
BHN12 1-1/8" .014 1"
Part # Dia. Wire Size Length
BUS4 4" x 5/8
.014 1-5/16"

Crimped Wire Wheels

Premium medium/wide face wire wheels. Maximum desirable wire points at brush face. Highest quality oil tempered crimped wire. Low flexibility, fast cutting action, long life with uniform brushing action. Fits most 6" bench grinders. Please know your arbor size.
Standard Duty Medium Face Wire Wheel
Wire Arbor Trim Running
Part# Dia. Size Hole Length Face RPM
BDA6 6" .014 1/2-5/8 1-1/8" 3/4" 4,500
BDA8 8" .014 1/2-5/8 1-1/2" 7/8" 4,500
Heavy Duty Wide Face Wire Wheel
Wire Arbor Trim Running
Part# Dia. Size Hole Length Face RPM
BDH6 6" .014 1/2-5/8 1-1/8" 1-1/8" 4,500
Standard Twist Medium Face Knotted Wire Wheel
Wire Arbor Trim Running
Part# Dia. Size Hole Length Face RPM
BTS6 6" .014 1/2-5/8 1-7/16" 5/8" 8,000