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SDT-100 Seat Depth Tool

The SDT-100 makes checking the seat depths easy and simple. SDT-100 enables the machinist to determine the valve seat depth in relationship to deck surface within .001" and without removing the pilot from the head while grinding the seat. The SDT-100 also reduces labor time in CC'ing the combustion chamber because of the accuracy of the valve seat depths. The SDT-100 is machined from extruded aluminum bar stock and has a precision 1" dial indicator. It is available in Sioux, Kwikway and Serdi pilot sizes. We can size our SDT-100 to any pilot size.
Seat Depth Tool Part# SDT100

Valve Seat Grinding Wheels

Coarse: Fast metal removal on general purpose seat material - red in color
Fine: Fine finish with minimal removal - gray in color White: Special material for grinding harder than normal seat material - white in color
SIOUX, K.O., LEE, Thor & Skill
(11/16"-16 thread)

All wheels are 90 degrees

DIAMETER Coarse Fine White
1-1/8" 28mm CHC101 CHF101 CHW101
1-1/4" 31mm CHC102 CHF102 CHW102
1-5/16" 33mm CHC103 CHF103 CHW103
1-3/8" 35mm CHC104 CHF104 CHW104
1-1/2" 38mm CHC105 CHF105 CHW105
1-9/16" 39mm CHC106 CHF106 CHW106
1-5/8" 41mm CHC107 CHF107 CHW107
1-3/4" 44mm CHC108 CHF108 CHW108
1-7/8" 47mm CHC109 CHF109 CHW109
2" 50mm CHC110 CHF110 CHW110
2-1/8" 54mm CHC111 CHF111 CHW111
2-1/4" 57mm CHC112 CHF112 CHW112
2-3/8" 60mm CHC113 CHF113 CHW113
2-1/2" 63mm CHC114 CHF114 CHW114
15% discount on 10 or more Wheels