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Miniature Carbide Burrs

Extra long. Recommended RPM 10,000. Available in Double Cut and Single Cut.
Part# Dia. Shank Length Shape
SF51 1/4" 1/8" 3" Radius Tree
SE51 1/4" 1/8" 3" Oval
SD51 1/4" 1/8" 3" Ball
SC51 1/4" 1/8" 3" Cylindrical
SH53 3/16 1/8" 3" Flame

Tapered Carbide Burrs

Carbides burrs for chamfering of crankshaft oil holes and deburring of holes in blocks and cylinder heads.
Part # Dia. Length Shank
SM3 1/4" 3/4" 1/4"
SM4 3/8" 5/8" 1/4"
SM5 1/2" 7/8" 1/4"

Carbide Burr Discount Schedule

Oty. Disc.
5 - 9 10%
10 - 19 15%
20- 29 20%
30 & up 25%
Buy more and save!

All burrs, mix or match, sizes, shapes and lengths.

Resharpening & Reshanking Service

Don't throw away those old and broken burrs. Resharpening and reshanking is a cost effective way to keep your burrs like new.

Service takes from 2 to 4 weeks. Ship to us using Order Form in back of catalog. Just count the burrs and we'll do the rest.

Resharpen & Reshank
RR1 1/4"
RR2 5/16"
RR3 3/8"
RR4 7/16"
RR5 1/2"
RR6 5/8"
RR7 3/4"
RR8 7/8"
RRS2 5/16"
RRS3 3/8"
RRS4 7/16"
RRS5 1/2"
RRS6 5/8"
RRS7 3/4"
RRS8 7/8"

140 Stick Wax

A lubricant for grinding, drilling, threading and sanding. Convenient push-up tube wax for dressing burrs, cartridge rolls, handy rolls, flap wheels, discs, spiral bands, belts or any coated abrasive product.
Part #
WS-15 140 Wax Stick 15 ozs.

Edge Lube

This greaseless lubricant works wonders with non-ferrous material. Use when grinding and sanding aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals. Outstanding when using a porting stone on aluminum. For use on surface conditioning discs, mounted stones, grinding stones, Brite Rite wheels, cross buffs, or any vitrified or non-woven product.
Part #
EL13 Edge Lube 13 ozs.

OptiCut-NF Lubricant

Special polymer formula adheres to the microstructure of the tooling surface. Allows cutting tools to cut cooler with less friction. Reduces tool fouling when cutting all types of non-ferrous metals.
Part #
OCNF8 OptiCut-NF Spray Bottle 8 ozs.