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Our buffs are made of American cotton and manufactured in South Carolina. Buffs are spiral sewn from center to outside edge to provide a rigid wheel for cut/color polishing.

Large Stitched Buffs

Large buffs are spiral sewn from center to outside edge of the buff in 3/8" rows. This creates a rigid wheel for cut/color polishing. Large buffs have a universal 1/2" arbor hole that can be sized for your polisher.
Part #
SEW4 4" x 40 ply
SEW6 6" x 40 ply
SEW8 8" x 40 ply
SEW10 10" x 40 ply
SEW12 12" x 40 ply
Loose Buffs are made with one row of stitching around arbor hole which makes a very soft and flexible buff for luster polish when used with finishing compounds.

Midget Loose Buffs

Excellent for cleaning and polishing ID holes and tight radii. Midget loose buffs are made from the same quality muslin material as our large products. Multiple buffs can be mounted on same mandrel to achieve desired face thickness.
Part #
MLB100 1" x 16 ply
MLB150 1-1/2" x 16 ply
MLB200 2" x 16 ply

Large Loose Buffs

Our large loose buffs are 40 ply and can be ganged for desired face thickness and have a 1/2" universal arbor hole that can be sized to your polisher.
Part #
LB6 6" x 40 ply
LB8 8" x 40 ply
LB10 10" x 40 ply

Mushroom Buffs

These buffs are designed for polishing of contours and radii using the face of the buff. Made of muslin, premounted on 1/4" shank.
Part #
MB150 1-1/2" Small
MB200 2" Medium
MB250 2-1/2" Large

Grease Stick

Medium melting point grease for maximum lubrication while cut/color polishing with stitched buffs. Apply in combination with compounds.
Part #
A10P166 1.5 lbs. Grease Stick

Whiting Powder

Fine powder for final color with loose buff or residue removal using flannel polishing cloth by hand.
Part #
A10MC108 2 lbs. Whiting Powder