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Compounds are 2 to 2-1/2 pound bars. Available in 5 different grades. Listed in order of coarsest to finest. Sold by the bar, mixed case or case of 30 bars.
Part #
A10P145 Black Stainless Steel Fast cutting for all ferrous metals
A10P327 Tripoli Good cut and color on all non ferrous metals
A10P129 Green Chrome Rouge Best all around coloring compound for all metals
A10P126 White Colors all metal, especially good on aluminum
A10P130 Jeweler's Rose Used for color buffing soft metals, brass, silver, etc.

Felt Cones

Felt cones are manufactured in the USA and are made of wool. These cones are durable and dimensionally stable. When loaded with compound or polishing creme, felt cones can be used to polish in tight and hard to reach areas. Fitted with 1/8" pilot hole, see mandrel selection on this page.
Part #
MS1A 1/2" x 1"
MS1B 3/4" x 1-1/2"
MS1C 1" x 2"

Mounted Synflex Bobs

Synflex is a polishing product made up of a synthetic fiber matrix impregnated with a water based resin. These bobs can be used in both wet and dry applications. Excellent for mirror finish on non-ferrous metals. Bobs are premounted on a 1/8" shank and overall length is 2-1/2".
Part #
SC1A 1/2" x 1" bullet shape
SC1B 1/2" x 7/8" cylindrical shape

Goblet Buffs

Can be used either in a hand-held application or in a polishing lathe. The end of the goblet buff is tufted in such a way that the stitching does not come in contact with the polishing surface. Goblet buffs are designed to polish inside surfaces using sides and face of buff.

Made of the same quality unbleached muslin as our loose and stitched buffs. Premounted on 1/4" shank.

Part # Goblet Buff
GB2 2"
GB25 2-1/2"
GB3 3"

Mandrels for Midget Buffs & Felt Cones

all are 1/4" diameter shank
Part# Application OAL
CM2B for MS1A 2-3/4"
CM9 for MS1B & MS1C (pictured this page, Felt Cones) 2-3/4"
QC1420 for loose and stitched buffs 1-3/4"
269201 for loose and stitched buffs (pictured here, Midget Loose) 4"