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Porting & Polishing Kits

The kits are packed in clear rigid polystyrene compartmented boxes that can be refilled. Kits offer a good selection of products to test. See our website for a detailed list of contents.
Part #
CARTRIDGE ROLL KIT consisting of 92 pieces (click for details) CR1
ABRASIVE KIT consisting of 149 pieces (click for details) PK2
MASTER KIT consisting of 153 pieces with SE-5 carbide burr (click for details) PK3

Matz Kit

This rubberized abrasive kit is an assortment of bullets and cones for detail blending and finishing of intricate parts. Kit includes 42 pieces, 5 shapes and 4 grades (Coarse, Medium, Fine and X-fine) and two 1/8" shank mandrels.
Rubberized Abrasive Kit Part# K4

Silicone Rubber
Molding Kits

Easy to use two part kit is low viscosity allowing for easy mixing. Gives accurate molds of ports and chambers. 24 hour cure time.
Part #
16 oz Silicone Molding Kit - soft GI650
16 oz Silicone Molding Kit - softer GI1100

Epoxy Putties & Pastes

Used to repair or reshape. The Hi-Temp Epoxy will take up to 330° F. Putty is like soft clay, paste is more like toothpaste. JB Weld can be used for port floor modifications/manifold work. Z-Spar two part putty is good for large fill areas in mani-folds. Resbond 2300° is excellent fill for heat risers in heads.
Part #
5 oz. Hexcel Fast Epoxy Paste (15 minute cure) 101
16 oz Hexcel Hi Temp Putty 102
32 oz. Z-Spar A 778P
64 oz. Z-Spar A 778Q
16 oz. Resbond 2300° 907GF

Porting Stone Kit

Sample kit of our most popular porting stones for both cast iron and aluminum. Contains 1 each of PS186, PS204, PS205, PS205X and a 2" dressing stick.
Porting Stone Kit Part# PSKIT
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